July 1st, 2021:

Message to UK & EU Customers:

your government wants your money and is now enforcing VAT for small purchases. Rainylune will not collect or submit VAT at checkout. When you go to collect your package, please expect your frogs to be held hostage by your post office until you have paid the VAT. I don't know how much it will cost. 20%? $15-35? taxes are a mystery to me because i am just a simple frog. just be ready for it.

Please also expect your package to be held hostage for 2 weeks, which will add to the current 7-21 day shipping time for international packages. 

if you do not pay the hostage fee in time then your package will be returned to our warehouse. if you want it sent again you'll have to pay shipping again. take care of the hostage situation in a timely manner to avoid this. 

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