We now have a chat bot who can answer common questions for you! click the chat icon at the bottom right to speak to FrogBot! For things that the bot cannot answer, please contact our customer support team at

please read before you send emails because we get a lot of them:

  • ✨ please read the FAQ before asking me things that aren't about issues with your order ✨
  • if you are a patron and have a question about Patreon related things, please include your name and what tier you are in in your message.
  • you may use this form, or you may contact our customer service team directly at 

Our customer service team works Monday through Friday. Please allow for extra response time if you have sent a message on a weekend. Please also be aware that we have a small team, and receive many messages, so it may take a few days to get a response. If it is urgent, you may contact via the chatbot or send another email with the subject line marked urgent. 


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