We now have a chat bot who can answer common questions for you! click the chat icon at the bottom right to speak to FrogBot! 

please read before you send me emails because i get a lot of them:

  • ✨ please read the FAQ before asking me things that aren't about issues with your order ✨
  • if you are a patron and have a question about Patreon related things, please include your name and what tier you are in. if it is not urgent, please send me a message via Patreon. i'll get back to you in a few days.
  • you can get answers quickly from the #help-desk channel in my discord server! frog cult members are standing by and ready to answer questions!
  • if i do not respond in 72 hours, your email may have gotten lost. this sometimes happens if 2 people send a message at the Exact same time. please send me another email (kindly!!)


If you have a question about the Son the Frog Bag Kickstarter:

  • please read the Kickstarter campaign carefully, as well as the FAQ section on the campaign! 
  • every single bag comes with 2 inserts (pink & blue), as well as a free knife keychain. Each person gets 1 free pin.
  • **If you would like to change your shipping address, please check your Backerkit confirmation email. If you have lost the email, please go to to get a new one.**


🐸 Frog Bag Care Guide 🐸

Please go to this link for questions about suspicious smells, stains, or wrinkles. If you have a broken clasp, please contact me with the email you used to place your order and I shall send you a replacement strap! 


For questions such as: "Will ___ be restocked?" "When will ____ be available?"

Please check the when can i buy it page for answers. Anything not currently listed there means that I do not have any plans for it at this time.

You can also sign up for restock alerts on certain products. If a sold out product does not allow you to sign up for alerts, then it is highly unlikely that it will return.


For business inquiries, please contact me directly at To reach my warehouse, please contact

White Squirrel

917 134th Street SW

Suite A6

Everett WA 98204 

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