please read before you send me emails because i get a lot of them:

  • ✨ please read the FAQ before asking me things that aren't about issues with your order ✨
  • if you are a patron and have a question about Patreon related things, please include your name and what tier you are in. if it is not urgent, please send me a message via Patreon. i'll get back to you in a few days.
  • you can get answers quickly from the #help-desk channel in my discord server! frog cult members are standing by and ready to answer questions!
  • If you are an enamel pin, badge, or charm factory, please know that I am not looking for new manufacturers for pins at this time. specifically, if your name is Henry and you make pins, stop emailing me i am Begging
  • If you are a marketing service, Kickstarter marketing service, or are otherwise trying to sell me things/services - i'm not interested. don't want it. but if you wanna give me something for free i'll accept it ;)
  • if you would like to know where your order is and why it hasn't shipped yet - please use the order tracking form. if it hasn't been shipped yet, that means that I am probably juggling many other orders at the same time. please have patience, I am a full time student & pack all shop orders by myself!
  • if i do not respond in 72 hours, your email may have gotten lost. this sometimes happens if 2 people send a message at the Exact same time. please send me another email (kindly!!)


If you have a question about the Son the Frog Bag Kickstarter:

  • please read the Kickstarter campaign carefully, as well as the FAQ section on the campaign! 
  • I also have a dedicated Frog Bag FAQ that might have the answers you seek!
  • every single bag comes with 2 inserts (pink & blue), as well as a free knife keychain. Each person gets 1 free pin.
  • If you want to edit the items in your order:
    • Kickstarter backers: check your confirmation email! there's a button to edit at the bottom!
    • To Backerkit buyers: you are Not given the right to edit your order. contact me and tell me what you want done to it and i'll manually do it. 
  • If you want to edit your payment info or shipping info, everybody has the ability to do this! 
  • if you are wondering why your card hasn't been charged yet in Backerkit, it is because I have not told it to charge them yet. Backerkit recommends waiting until I am close to shipping time in order to prevent chargebacks. I will send an announcement when I am ready to charge cards. 

if there was an issue with your Frog Food charm you just received:

I tried using a new method for filling orders this time around and somehow the labels for Friend charms got swapped with the labels for Sprout charms. I am super sorry about this error. I do not have enough Friend charms to fix the error, and I can't handle the cost of purchasing return labels for everybody to get them back. 

If you are very upset about this, you can contact me, and I'll do the best I can to make things right for you. I greatly appreciate those of y'all who are very understanding and accept the frog they were given, but I understand if people want a particular frog. I feel awful for this mistake, and I will make sure it doesn't happen again. 

I'll be ordering more of these charms, but it will take a few months for them to arrive, so I can't offer to swap them out because I do not currently have any ;-;

If you are interested in swapping charms with someone else, my Discord server is organizing a swap spreadsheet! I will be verifying everybody's order numbers.

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