When will I receive my order?
• Orders may take 7+ days to be fulfilled by our warehouse, especially if there is a large volume of orders at one time, like during shop updates or holidays.

• The shipping time estimates in the checkout page do not accurately reflect when your package will actually arrive.

• Paying for Priority 2-3 day shipping means that the post office will ship your item faster. It does not mean that our warehouse will pack your order faster.

We are a small business, which means we have a very small warehouse team who packs and ships all orders, and they do not work weekends. We apologize for any inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your patience with us!

If you'd like a package to be packed sooner, please send an email to our customer service at hello@rainylune.com, and we will see if we can move your order to the top of the queue. No guarantees during the holiday season.
Do you ship internationally?
If your country is able to receive mail from the USA, then you can receive packages from Rainylune! You can check the list of unavailable countries here.
Will there be customs fees on my order?
If you live outside the US, your local custom's office might tack on additional fees and tariffs. We do not know what those fees will be, or if there will be any at all.

The customer is responsible for any customs fees incurred. If the customer chooses not to pay the fees, customs will return the package to our warehouse. We are only able to refund the product cost, not the shipping cost that was already paid and spent.
Tracking says my package arrived, but it's not here!
Sometimes the post office is a liar. When things get busy, they might mark a package as arrived a day or two before it actually does! Please wait 2 days to see if it shows up.

We also recommend checking with others who live in your household, to see if they grabbed your package by mistake, or checking the mailroom of your building.

If you've done all this and your package still hasn't turned up, please email us at hello@rainylune.com so we can open a missing mail search!

Orders, Returns, & Exchanges

Do you accept returns and exchanges?
Rainylune is a small business, so returns and exchanges can end with us losing more money than we made. We have to pay the price of shipping the product back, and shipping out a new one, which can really add up!

We are only able to accept exchanges for clothing if you ordered the incorrect size, and are located in the US.

But we would very much appreciate it if you were extra careful when checking the size chart!
My product arrived defective or damaged!
Oh no! If you feel you have received a defective product, please email hello@rainylune.com a picture of the defective item within 3 days of receiving your order. If we determine that there is a major issue with the product, we will do our best to fix it!
Differences between pictures & product received
Please be aware that Rainylune products are each made by hand, and are subject to slight differences and human error. No two products are exactly the same, and it is expected that there will be slight differences between the item you receive from the photographed products on our site. But if you feel you were sent a defective product, please contact us!

Possible differences include:

Color: Due to differences in lighting when taking pictures and screen colors, the colors in a picture may not match the real life product exactly. We do our best to match the actual color to the product photographs, but they are not always exact.

Shape & Details: Items like plushies that are individually handmade might have slight differences in shape and stuffing placement. Embroidered details might look slightly different on each item.

Pins: Enamel pins are partially made by hand, and subject to various differences. These differences may include:
• a small speck of dust or smudge
• over or under filled color in some areas
• small buff or scratch marks a small discoloration or unevenness of the metal

Any pins not listed as Defective will fall within these parameters. If you feel that a faulty pin made it through quality control, please send a picture to customer service, and we will re-examine the quality of the pin.
Can I cancel my order?
Non preorder purchases can be canceled and refunded up until they have been shipped. Once they have shipped it is too late.
Where is my free gift?
Occasionally we run a free gift promotion where if you spend a certain amount, you receive a free gift! If a customer removes items or uses discount codes to lower the total below the required threshold, the free gift will not be included in your order. Orders where the customer attempts to add multiple free gifts without meeting the spending threshold will be canceled.


Is buying from Rainylune safe?
yes, but it might result in an addiction to frogs 🐸

All transactions and payment information is handled by Shopify, a very reputable platform.
Can I get a tattoo of your art?
Yes! You don't have to pay to get a tattoo of my work. But it would be greatly appreciated if you supported my store! I'd also love to see a photo of it!
Can I buy Rainylune products in person?
Rainylune products and designs are available in many different locations! You can find our products at stores like Attic Salt/Fuego, and many other small shops all over the US!

You can also find Rainylune designs at Hot Topic!

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