Tracking says my package was delivered but it never arrived?

August 6th, 2020: The US postal service is currently experiencing issues. These issues include packages being marked as delivered a few days before they actually arrive, or taking longer to arrive than expected. If your package says it was delivered but wasn't, please wait a few more days. Please check with your post office to see if your package is being held. Also check with your neighbors to see if it was accidentally delivered to them by mistake.

Once a package has been checked in to the post office, it is no longer under my control and I cannot help you. Your post office will be able to help you find your package!

Tracking says my package went to the wrong place?

If you input the incorrect address when making your purchase and I have already sent it to the post office, then it is too late for me to do anything to change it.

If your package does something like going to Guam instead of Ohio, don't worry. It will eventually finish its world tour and be delivered to you. Mistakes happen when the machine is attempting to scan the barcode, and sometimes packages end up in the wrong locations. It will eventually make its way back to you.

My package says it was returned to sender?

This may happen due to various reasons, such as:
• Customer provided incorrect address: I will ship to exactly the address inputted by the customer. If you typed it wrong, then I will be sending it wrong.
• Package was refused: If a strange name was used on the package, other people who live at the residence may not recognize who it belongs to and refuse it. Example: addressing a package to a friend and listing their name as “Supreme Lizard uwu Overlord”. the other people who live at that address may not recognize that name, think it’s suspicious, and return the package. It also makes it harder for people to claim the package at the post office or customs. Overall, I would not recommend using strange names.
• Order was not picked up at post office or customs fees were not paid.

Once your order has been returned to me, you may choose to either have it resent to you and pay a re-shipment fee (cost of original shipping), or get a refund on your order NOT including the shipping you originally paid.

Why does international shipping cost so much :(

because that is how much the US postal service actually charges to send things. terrible, i know.

will you lie on the customs form for me?

no. despite the fact that i am an avid supporter of frogs doing crimes, mail fraud is not one of them. i could get in legal trouble for breaking the law, and that would endanger my business. you are responsible for all customs fees that might be added onto your order.

I placed multiple orders, can you combine them?

With the exception of rare items (such as Planet pins) I am no longer able to do this. You will have to contact me to cancel your orders, then make another purchase this time all in one cart. I run the risk of people committing fraud by claiming I never sent their items if I combine orders, so this is safer for me. It is also much more work for me to manually combine and fill out customs forms. Thank you for understanding!

Can you combine my shop order with my patreon package?

I have thousands of patreon and shop orders every month. It is very difficult for me to find one specific person and set their items aside, so I am unable to offer this. I also run the risk of people committing fraud by claiming I never sent their items, which I wouldn't have a defense against.

Why haven't you sent my order yet?

rainylune is run by one person. I occasionally gets help from my mom and 1 friend, but it is mostly tasks like counting or cutting. I am a full time student, and also suffer from chronic pain and migraines. I do my best to get orders out as quickly as my schedule and body allows, but especially during sales & shop releases, orders tend to build up quickly and it takes me longer to handle them all. I promise I will do my best to get it out as quickly as I can!

The acrylic charm I ordered has scratches on it

Acrylic charms have a thin plastic film stuck on them in order to prevent scratches during the production and shipment process. Once you receive your keychain, please peel this layer of plastic off. They are usually on both sides.

Please be careful with the charms that have holographic effects. You could accidentally peel up the wrong layer and instead peel off the holographic film.

Order I received is incorrect or damaged

Please send me a message within 7 days of delivery and I will see what I can do to help you!

Will [item] be coming bacK??

please check my returning eventually collection to see what items I am planning on restocking!

Where do you get your plushies/pins/charms/bags/products manufactured?

I receive this question a lot, and will no longer being responding to strangers who ask me this.

My manufacturers are found via Alibaba. I cannot give you exact recommendations. There have been many instances where a manufacturer has been overshared with others, leading to slower production times and a drop in quality due to them having too many orders from too many people. I can't give out my resources to everyone who asks because I am, in fact, running a business. this is my job. I apologize if it comes off as rude or hoarding secrets, I can't endanger my source of income to assist people who could find their own resources via a little research.

My manufacturers have been found after a lot of trial and error, experimentation, and money. There are numerous guides online that you can consult, as well as Facebook groups dedicated to rating manus. you can pretty much type anything into Alibaba and something will come up.

Is it too late to buy frog plushies??

the Kickstarter and Backerkit preorders are long over. any leftovers or defects I have will eventually be in my shop. there will likely be a very small amount, and i will likely order more in the future.

can i buy frog bag from your shop?

Not for a very, very long time. The only way to guarantee you get a bag is by having preordered via Kickstarter or Backerkit. Any leftovers I have afterwards will be listed in my shop, no sooner than February of 2021.



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