For questions regarding how to care for and deal with issues relating to your frog bag:

My frog smells suspiciously like fish 🐟

This happens because the silica packets that absorb smells were placed in the outer packaging of the bags instead of inside the bag itself. And after being in boats, warehouses, trucks, and my garage, your frog might smell a little funky inside.

Ways to cure your frog of body odor:

  • Open him up and give him a nice open, well ventilated room. Give him a cocktail so he may relax 🍹 
  • Place dryer sheets and the silica packets he came with inside the inner compartments
  • Spray a lil bit of Febreeze inside

Just give him time and space and he will lose his smell eventually!


My frog has wrinkles 👵

Stress from shipping can lead to premature aging of your frog. But you do not need expensive anti-aging creams to fix him, do not worry. Since he is made of vegan leather (pleather) you can carefully follow most care guides online for dealing with pleather.

Ways to cure your frog of wrinkles:

  • Get him nice and toasty. Use a hair dryer and Carefully heat him up and smooth out his wrinkles. Be careful not to burn him or yourself.
  • Do not put him in the dryer. He will not like that, and his metal bits and rage might destroy your dryer or himself.
  • Carefully iron him. Use no steam, and place a t-shirt between the iron and your frog. Be careful not to remove his printing. 

I recommend the hair dryer method as safest for both you and your frog.


His eye is bending the wrong way 👁

He is simply keeping an eye on the back of his head at all times to remain alert. If you would like him to not do this, it is understandable.

Ways to cure your frog of bendy eyes:

  • Use a hair dryer to carefully heat his eye up and bend it the opposite direction of the way it is currently trying to bend in. Use a piece of washi tape to then tape it down flat in the direction you want it to go in and let it sit for a day or two. This will help build muscle memory in your frog.
  • Do not put the piece of tape on his eye ball printing. You might remove his eye and then he would be blind.
  • Use gentle tape, strong tape might peel off coloring.


My frog has mysterious stains on his skin 🔪

He might not have cleaned up properly from previous crimes. That's okay, you might need to help him a bit. 

Ways to cure your frog of mysterious stains:

  • My manufacturer says to use a clear alcohol and gently wipe it away. I do not know what kind of alcohol. Do not leave alcohol on your frog for an extended period of time, as he is under the legal drinking age limit.
  • Use a baby wipe or gentle cleanser to wipe him clean.


The clasp on one of my straps has snapped 😩

Oh dear. It appears it could not contain the magnitude of frog. Please contact me and I will send you a replacement. 

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