About Rainylune:

Rainylune is a brand dedicated to making people laugh with cute and chaotic frog themed products. Rainylune is a small, woman-owned business located in the Bay Area, California.


About the Artist:

Hi there! My name is Rachel Reichenbach and I am the owner and artist behind Rainylune! I am currently a full time college student studying at ASU while also being a full time business owner.


Son the Frog was created when I had to program and create a small game for a college class. I decided it would be a frog catching raindrops, because falling objects was all I knew how to code. I didn’t actually know what frogs look like, but I tried to draw one anyways, and he looked incredibly silly. My friends and I couldn’t stop laughing at it, and so he was named Son the Frog and I just continued to draw him!

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