Rainylune is closed for the remainder of 2021, and will not be accepting any new orders! We will reopen in January of 2022! We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and wish you a Merry Frogmas and a Hoppy New Year! 🐸

Any orders that were placed before we closed are still being packed, and our customer service is still available (but very swamped at the moment!). If you have any issues, please contact us at hello@rainylune.com !


but why are you closed for all of December?

The short version: holidays are too much chaos and we don't want to risk orders not arriving in time for the holidays. 

The long version:

1. The global supply chain shortages and pandemic have resulted in an increase of packages sent by mail, especially around the holiday season. This results in huge post office delays. Once we send a package, we can't control how quickly it gets somewhere. We do not wish to receive many angry emails from customers about how their package is late because we cannot control how fast the post office is. 

2. Rainylune is a small business, and all orders are shipped by a small warehouse team called White Squirrel, located in Washington. White Squirrel fulfills orders for many other artists as well. Despite having extra hires, there are simply too many orders for the team to handle, especially during this stressful time of year. To prevent packages from being sent out late and upsetting customers, Rainylune decided to simply close rather than risk disappointing and upsetting customers. 


People get very stressed during the holiday season, and unfortunately some people will take it out on customer service and small businesses. Closing for the month is simply a preventative measure to prevent that sort of negativity and stress for the entire Rainylune team. Thank you for your understanding!


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