Orders placed during the month of October are currently running late.

My warehouse moved to a new location in early October. The move ended up taking longer than they predicted it would, which meant they could not ship any packages from the end of September through the first week of October.

In that time, many orders built up for my own shop, as well as the other shops handled by my warehouse. Now, my warehouse has a huge backlog of orders that need to be sent out!

I am very sorry for this delay, I had no idea the move would create such a backlog and delay. My warehouse is currently working as hard as they can to send out thousands of orders, but they have quite a lot to work through. Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

If you desperately need your order by a certain date, please contact customer service at hello@rainylune.com with your order number and your request, and my warehouse will see if they can move it to the front of the queue. 



~Rachel 🐸

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