On July 6, 1947, William "Mac" Brazel had reported there were clusters of debris on the Foster ranch, 30 miles outside of Roswell, New Mexico. On July 8, 1947, RAAF public information officer Walter Haut had stated that the 509th bomb group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Field had recovered a "flying disc;" however, it was quickly covered up as a weather balloon, and although it has been a classified case ever since, the people are determined to figure out whether or not it was a being not from this planet.

Those people would be delighted to know they that their efforts were not in vain, because we now know the truth. In Feburary 1978, UFO researcher John Friedman interviewed Jesse Marcel, the only person known to have accompanied the Roswell debris from where it was recovered to Fort Worth, where reporters saw material that was claimed to be part of the recovered object. What reporters did not see, though, is what else was recovered from the object.

From 1947 onward, scientists have been studying the objects that were recovered from Roswell. Given the importance of keeping this case as classified as ever, though, United States Air Force created a base in 1955, called Groom Lake, within the Nevada Testing and Training Range, in an effort to maintain its secrecy. Many theorists have been beginning to conspire that Groom Lake holds classified cases that are of much higher severity, and have since dubbed it "Area 51."

Many conspiracy theorists believe that scientists are still researching and attempting to learn from the material that was recovered; however, the scientists have had their eyes set on a much bigger prize - the object that was also recovered from the crash. It is unknown what the object is, but it has been described as "a being with an angelic appearance, yet a destructive aura. Its body has a round, small surface area, with lifeless eyes all over, yet they possess so much power that simply staring back at the eyes for so long can cause someone to go insane."


Many scientists who succumb to such madness tend to not survive; however, there has been one. Ex-communicated scientist Rachel R. Reichenbach, one of the unfortunate scientists to go mad from the being, has been the only recorded scientist to survive, but has since suffered from a very severe form of dementia. As much as people coax Rachel into trying to give what information of the being as she may know, none have been successful... until now. Recently, after her passing, her children Mary, Kam, Iroha and Berg have worked hard to close the doors to their mother's past that have troubled them deeply, and just when they believed they could move on, they stumbled upon something that few believed would have ever appeared - a rough sketch of the being. However, every photograph of the sketch appears to become corrupted. The following image is what experts were able to restore. 


After their findings, Rachel's children became determined to learn more. Many months of searching what their late mother had left behind did not yield much result; however, they found one thing of great importance - they found "S̴̯̖̒Ō̵̪̽N̷͙̤̑" written in various areas throughout the house, as well as the phrase "He is already here." The four brother and sisters, unsure of what that could mean, have decided to since dub the being as "Son."


We do not know much more beyond that, but we must all heed the late Rachel's warning - "He is already here."

he is here.

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