Umvvelt x Rainylune: no talk, i'm stabby T-Shirt

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**Please consult the size chart before purchasing this shirt, as this chart does not match the others on our store. This shirt using standard American sizing, and the shirts are Gildan brand.**


There are only two genders: Stabby & Baby. Which one are you? Who's the Stabby to the Baby in your relationship? Perhaps you are both?? Son the Frog & Crybaby the fish are teaming up together to bring you matching shirts that are sure to knock the frogs off your head and the tears out of your eyes. Mayhaps. 

Pick up the No Talk, I'm Baby shirt from Umvvelt too. Match with your partner. Or get two for yourself. Either way, desire & acquire, or son will continue to inspire potential crimes in crybaby (please help him). 

Shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. This means no shrinking in the wash!





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