DEFECT floppy long frog “letter opener”

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this is most definitely Not a knife because legally i can’t sell those. this is a terribly long frog and terrible defective “letter opener”. letter opener is in quotes because he doesn’t even do That very well. 

  • a poorly made letter opener!! he is very floppy. too floppy to open letters with and not even sharp enough to do that!!
  • the tip is kinda sharp so at least he has that going for him?? 
  • you gotta use your nail on the sharp part to open it though
  • there is no screw so you can’t even tighten it to fix it 
  • there is no loop so you can’t turn him into a keychain 
  • an all around terrible and useless lad

there are 2 versions: defect and SUPER defect. both versions are floppy and useless, but the SUPER defect is also ugly. he may have an unevenly sanded face, missing color, have dust or scratches on him, etc. be warned. 




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