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** this is not a real listing for frog bags. the search bar on my site only looks up products, so I'm putting this information as a "product" so people can find it. **


When will frog bags be available?

I cannot say for certain. If I am being optimistic, before the end of 2021. 


Why such a long wait?

All bags are made by a team of humans armed with sewing machines. Each bag is individually made by a human being. Making such a large amount of bags takes a lot of time, so your patience is appreciated!


How much will frog bags cost?

Costs won't be finalized until I am able to calculate the final costs of materials and shipping once production has finished. They will be more expensive than the previous Kickstarter prices. 


Will there be preorders for frog bags?

No. There will be a set amount available. I will continually work to restock them if they run out. 




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