when can i buy it

updated 5/9/21

do you wish to know when _____ will be available? well here is a page about that.


Frog bags

Eventually. Leftovers & defects will be available once all Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled. After those are sold, there will be a new round of preorders. Preorders will take a long time to be made.

Frog wallet

same as above.


Letter opener that is definitely not a knife 

Still in progress of being made. eventually. 


Thigh high socks

Will not be made. Due to manufacturing issues with the machines not being able to create socks as long and as wide as needed for thigh highs. 


No talk I’m stabby shirt, PJ’s, blankies:

Leftovers will be available once preorders have all been sent. 


Friend strawberry cardigan:

unknown, sample currently in progress. estimated between summer to fall.




Friend rain boots pin - unknown 



Friend knife keychain plush: june

all other plushies: unknown 

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