*EDIT 9/10 - all listings have been taken down! thank you for your support!*

I have once again had my art stolen, but this time on various items on AliExpress. due to differences in intellectual property laws between here and China, it is harder to get these officially removed. i would be very grateful to anybody who would use the little contact button on each of these pages and contacted the sellers asking why they have taken my intellectual property 🐸


the legal solution to this requires me to jump through too many hoops, but the spamming efforts of frog cult has a proven track record of success. thank you for your assistance 🙏

son the frog knife 1

son the frog knife 2

friend the frog whale shark 1

friend the frog whale shark 2

screaming frog 1

screaming frog 2

be kind or else 1

be kind or else 2

be kind or else 3


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