When will my Patreon rewards ship out?

Patreon rewards generally ship out 1-2 months after you have paid for them.

Last updated: 3/10/23

💎 luxury theme (january)

  • Estimated ship date: currently being shipped out!
  • Address cut off: january 26th

🪴 potted plant theme (february)

  • Estimated ship date: very late March??
  • Address cut off: feb 28

💣  crime theme (march)

  • estimated ship date: late april????
  • Address cut off: end of march

📦 warehouse theme (april)

  • estimated ship date: ,,,may?
  • Address cut off: end of april
Address change cut off:
  • This is the date that I downloaded all your addresses off Patreon for that month’s rewards. If your address has changed since that cut off date, I will not have your updated address. After updating your address in Patreon, please send an email to hello@rainylune.com with your new address, and which themes you need your address updated on.


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