frog bag FAQ


Is it too late to buy frog bag??

Preorders & the Kickstarter are closed. Abandoned & leftover frogs will be listed on my shop eventually.

will bags be available permanently from your shop?

No. The leftovers I list will likely sell out very, very quickly. My poor mother cannot stand having hundreds of boxes in her home forever, so they will not be available again once the leftovers sell out.

when will the bags arrive?

My current estimate is that I will ship bags out in January of 2021!

why are they taking so long??

My original estimate was that I would order at most 500 bags and they would be ready in October. My current order is for 5,305 bags, which is much more than 500. Many people are making ita bags right now, so I have to wait my turn at the factory. It also takes time for the factory workers to create 5,000 bags, because they are humans who need weekends and fair work hours. It will take the bags 30-35 days to travel via boat to the US. They can't travel by plane because there are too many.

The timeframe is also accounting for the fact that there may be unforeseen circumstances, such as my shipment getting flagged for a customs inspection, or the inevitable delay caused by the holiday season. Even if they do arrive before January, USPS will increase its prices for packages between October 18th - December 27th. I can't afford to cover the excess myself.

I know it is disappointing that it won't arrive as quickly as you wanted. Unfortunately, I am just one person and can't make boats go faster or factories work harder. I am also a full time student & will be packing all 5,000 bags myself. please have patience & mercy on me


I paid on backerkit but money hasn't been taken from my account yet?

To prevent chargebacks, Backerkit advises me not to charge credit cards until I am ready to ship. I will most likely charge cards in late October-early November. I will issue a an announcement when I plan to do so.

I need a refund.

I have already paid processing fees for your purchase that I will never get back. If you get a refund, you are actively costing me money. Please only ask me for a refund if your situation is dire. I am just a small business and I am already taking a very low profit margin from these bags, the number of refunds I have been asked for is actively costing me thousands that I don't have.

However, asking me for a refund is far preferable to issuing a chargeback. If you issue a chargeback, you are telling your payment company that this is a scam, and forces an investigation that will cost me between $20-$100+.


what does the ____ color bag look like!

Please check the Kickstarter updates for info on colors. I have posted sample images in various updates. Please be aware that the lighting in the factory is bad, so the colors do not look accurate. I have posted my own photos of the fabric swatches in one of the updates.

Please be aware that the factory is currently very busy with many different ita bags. I do not have a picture of what each color variation looks like completed because they are still working on them.

Do you have photos of the finished wallets yet?

I'll post on social media when I do!


why does shipping cost so much?

It actually costs more than what you paid! I just picked up the tab on every single bag. It costs a lot of money to ship items, especially large items that can't bend, such as bags. In some cases, I am literally paying $70 in shipping on the behalf of the customer.

When will the bags ship?

The current timeframe is that I will ship bags out in January, 2021. I will ship out in batches. So, everyone who ordered 1 mint purse in a cardboard box will go out, then everybody who ordered 1 pink purse in a box, etc etc. You may see people who have their bags before yours has even shipped. I will work as quickly as possible, but I am still human, so please have patience.

How do i change my address?

Find your Backerkit confirmation email. You can edit your payment & shipping info there.


Can I edit my order in Backerkit?

If you are a Kickstarter backer, yes. Look for your Backerkit survey confirmation email, there is an edit order button at the bottom.

If you ordered via Backerkit and not Kickstarter, you cannot edit your order. You can only edit payment info & shipping info. You may contact me to edit your order for you.

I haven't gotten my survey yet?

If you are a Kickstarter backer and have not chosen a color, given me an address, or paid for shipping, please contact me via the form on my site ASAP.

If you bought via Backerkit, you do not have a survey. If you have chosen a color & given shipping info & paid you are good to go.

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